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About us


Citizens Advice Bureaux have extraordinary origins as an emergency war service. When the prospect of war loomed, the National Council of Services (the forerunner of today’s National Council of Voluntary Organisations) established a group to look at how the needs of a civilian population in war time were best met. The group agreed that ‘Citizens Advice Bureaux should be established throughout the country, particularly in the large cities and industrial areas where social disorganisation may be acute.’ Preparations were made and on 4 September 1939, just one day after war was declared, 200 bureaux opened their doors for the first time.


A year later in 1940, Citizens Advice Bournemouth was established and today has over 100 volunteers who work between the two main sites, performing different roles.


Our Aims and Principles


Citizens Advice Bournemouth values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.


We aim to provide the advice you need for the problems you face and to improve the policies and practices that affect your lives.


What we do


The Citizens Advice service offers information and advice through face-to-face, phone and email services, and online via Adviceguide.org.uk



Advice we provide


We can provide clients information on their rights, responsibilities and options on many different issues;




Consumer issues



Family and Relationships



and many others


We do our best to help every client in one way or another, if however we cannot give you the information you need or you need more specialist advice we will endeavour to give you the tools you need to get such advice.



Citizens Advice Bournemouth is very proud to be working in partnership with lots of other agencies and orgnisations across the sectors.

It is very important for us to recognise that we cannot work alone.

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